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We carry out demand, capacity and financial modelling using a sophisticated and flexible modelling toolkit called Horizon. Horizon has been used extensively across NHS organisations and systems to enable evidence based strategic decision making and planning. Built from patient level data, Horizon builds a comprehensive picture of projected demand, activity, capacity, income and costs.

We draw on tried and tested methodologies, combining internal and external data sources with best practice evidence to deliver outputs that stand up to internal and external scrutiny. We develop and test assumptions in close partnership with clinical and non clinical stakeholders, using a rigorous and transparent approach that builds ownership and confidence.

Horizon is particularly powerful when it comes to scenario analysis and sensitivity testing, enabling stakeholders to quickly and easily evaluate and ‘stress test’ different options, including quantifying the impact of changes in assumptions through running a range of ‘what if’ scenarios.

Horizon has underpinned successful option appraisal and business case processes for major strategic change and capital investment programmes, including new hospitals and health facilities. It enables a truly whole system approach, quantifying the impact of population health based approaches, digital transformation and shifts to out of hospital models of care.